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Scott Transformer (Open Delta Transformer) is a type of connection used to obtain two phase electric power supply (90 deg phase shift) from a three phase source of supply. The Scott connected transformers reduce current unbalance on source side for single phase loads.


We also make and supply Resin Cast Transformers for various applications. In an environment where Dust particle are abundant, or at sea- shore, the chances of getting metals rusty, these transformers are used.

We have supplied these types of Transformers as a solution. Those Transformers are manufactured with fire retardant insulating and self extinguishing materials of Class “F” & “H” (Up to temp. 155°C / 180°C).


Hex Phase Transformers for parallel combination of two or more rectifier system increases current carrying capability as well as reduces content of harmonics. Generally Low Voltage High Currents requirement is fulfilled with this type transformers. Our Rectifier Transformers are used in applications like, Plating, Battery Charging, Engine Cranking (replacing battery and as DC Source) etc.


Spikes generated on switching of electrical utilities (like, Motors, VFDs, UPS Systems, PCs, Rectifiers, Battery Chargers, Lighting Loads, Air Conditioners etc.) in Industrial & Commercial environment can damage Precision Instruments, Micro-processors, or other active electronic devices. During switching of all these, High Voltage (up to 6000 V) & high frequency power line Noises are produced from spikes which interfere with Digital-Electronic equipment causing change in program, erratic behaviour, data corruption, loss of memory etc.

Ultra Isolation Transformers eliminate noises from high frequency and attenuates the spikes to negligible values. This way these protect from such kind of electrical disturbances. Transfield supplies Ultra Isolation Transformers in Single OR Three phase systems up to 100 KVA.


The K-factor a common industry term for the amount of harmonics produced by a given load is the K-factor. The larger the K-factor, the more harmonics are present. Linear loads, for example, have a K-factor of 1. Transformers may carry a K-factor rating to define the transformer’s ability to withstand the additional heating generated by harmonic currents.

Transfield’s single-phase and three-phase general purpose dry-type ventilated transformers are of the two-winding type, air-cooled, and are available in a wide variety of primary and secondary voltage variants’.

” We are leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance Transformers & Chokes/Reactors with highest Energy Efficiency resulting in Energy (cost) savings in the Product, where those are used.”

At ProstarM,  Transformers (and Reactors) are manufactured strictly as per the customer specifications and referring to IS/IEC Standards which are virtually maintenance free. Transformers are supplied with or without enclosures according to required degree of protection and are suitable for installation in public/Govt. buildings, Subways, Basements, Hospitals, Residential Complex, Banks etc. We are having 100+ clients who buy Transformers and Chokes/Reactors in their products, machines, UPS systems, stabilizers, control panels, robotics etc. Etc. All those End Products are widely used virtually everywhere in India OR anywhere in the world.

“ Manufacturer of Inductors, Line Reactors and Custom Build Single Phase or Three Phase Control & Power Transformers with capacity from 10 VA to 150 KVA”


All materials that form a part of our products have to pass through stringent Quality checks.

  • Every product is rigorously tested for their electrical parameters
  • Ratio test (No load test)
  • Short circuit test
  • Megger test (Insulation resistant test)
  • High voltage break down test (Flash test)
  • Type test for batch core loss / efficiency
  • Impedance measurement Test
  • Test certificate details on all the tests conducted and results thereof.



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