Rooftop solar panels Household rooftop solar systems
Turnkey industrial rooftop solar projects
Rooftop solar panels Household rooftop solar systems
Turnkey industrial rooftop solar projects

Rooftop Solar Solutions

Household rooftop solar systems

Solar power is rapidly emerging as an environment-friendly as well as economical power system in India. Rooftop solar systems are helping Indian homes reduce their carbon footprint, and generate considerable savings by feeding unused power back to the grid. Rooftop solar systems comprise of solar panels that absorb the heat from the sun and convert it in direct current. An inverter than converts this current into alternate current which is used in our homes. ProstarM provides durable and reliable rooftop solar systems with complete EPC services. According to your rooftop area, ProstarM can suggest and construct rooftop solar solutions from 1kVA to 10kVA. Check out our household rooftop solar options here:

Turnkey industrial rooftop solar projects

According to reports, domestic manufacturers in India are projected to save around $42 billion with a decisive shift to solar power by 2030. When installing rooftop solar systems, considerations such as price, and quality of solar panels, identifying the area available for installing the panels etc are challenging and time-consuming processes. Turnkey project service providers such as ProstarM make it easy for businesses to install and earn benefits from rooftop solar installations.

Rooftop solar panels


Along with quality solar panels, ProstarM also provides complete EPC services for your rooftop systems. these include

  • Site survey for best solar power viability
  • Design and engineering of solar power system
  • Installation and and maintenance of the system
  • Solar panel efficiency monitoring

Dependable & Trustworthy


Save space in your facility by choosing ProstarM UPS and solar power power solutions that are compact in size but punch above their weight.


ProstarM UPS systems and renewable power solutions are completely user-friendly and safe to operate and maintain.


The best protection from all sorts of power quality problems with a UPS system or solar power solution tailored to suit the needs of your business.


Made in India for Indian conditions. ProstarM’s range of products are built to withstand the extreme temperatures, dust and moisture in Indian climate. Count of our products to perform under toughest of circumstances.


Smart product that help you conserve and optimize power with intelligent battery management system and quick detection of power problems.


Get certified products that meet critical national and international norms.

Why choose our products?


Receive the best technology at the right price with new products. Reduce maintenance costs with easily available spare parts and support within your budget.


Smart products that intelligently optimize and save power and have a long lifespan to serve under any condition.


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