PM890 Online double-conversion
with full DSP control
GET ENQUIRY 10 kVA ~ 120 kVA (3:3) PF 0.9
PM800 Digital Signal Processors technology GET ENQUIRY 5 kVA ~ 10 kVA (1:1)
10 kVA ~ 30 kVA (3:1) PF 0.8

ONLINE UPS with Isolation Transformer

ProstarM online UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer are intelligent 3phase power supply units enabled with double-transform high-frequency PWM and high performance DSP digital control technology. The online UPS with isolation transformer offers reliable protection, improved network management functions and smooth man and machine interface. Our online UPS systems with isolation transformer are designed to meet the high reliability requirements for uninterrupted power and integrate characteristics of new generation low-frequency UPS systems.

We offer different types of online UPS systems with isolation transformer. The type of isolation used in the UPS system depends on the type of application and the type of UPS system selected. UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer uses 3 different types of isolation. Galvanic isolation between input and output, input isolation between mains and battery, and isolation between DC circuit and UPS system output.

Galvanic isolation
In transformer based UPS system, the transformer works to step up the voltage at the inverter output, bringing it to a level that is compatible to generator supply voltage or the utility. However, the transformer is not exactly used to provide galvanic isolation. In case a total galvanic isolation is needed, in an isolation transformer UPS or a transformer-less UPS, an additional transformer is required in the circuit. The transformer should also have adequate insulation to prevent the high voltage in UPS output jumping between the windings. This also helps prevent a net DC output component.

Input isolation between mains and battery
This type of isolation is rare in modern times. It was found in early 1960s when open lead-acid batteries were commonplace. After maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries came into use in 1980s, the use of input isolation in UPS systems saw a drastic decline.

DC component output isolation in online UPS with isolation transformer
In isolation transformer online UPS systems, the transformer isolates the DC circuit from the output load apart from stepping up the inverter output voltage. Thus it works to isolate the DC component generated by an inverter fault. However, the DC component generated by the inverter could reach the load if a bypass component fails. This is because in such a case, the bypass supply does not pass through the transformer, which is a drawback of the isolation transformer based UPS system.

Benefits of isolation transformer in UPS system
Online UPS with isolation transformer isolates the load from power source and provides better protection from power surges. Isolation transformers also help convert the voltage to a level best suited for the load. This is especially necessary if the voltage of the UPS system differs from the voltage requirement of the load. An isolation transformer can step the voltage up of down according
to the need of the load. Inbuilt isolation transformers within the UPS system also help reduce fault
current, enabling smooth working of the connected equipment Isolation transformer have played a big role in data centre UPS systems. In data centers, online UPS with isolation transformer are a part of power conversion circuit. The UPS systems serve to reduce harmonics, efficiently resolve ground loops with multiple generators or mains sources, and help tackle high or low voltage issue.


5 kVA ~ 10 kVA (1:1)
10 kVA ~ 30 kVA (3:1)
PF 0.8

  • Single / single-phase, three / single-phase models with on-line double conversion technology
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processors) technology
  • Suitable for all kinds of loads (resistive, inductive and non-linear loads etc)
  • High overload capability
  • Bypass dual DSP control design to enhance more reliability


10 kVA ~ 120 kVA (3:3)
PF 0.9

  • Online double-conversion with full DSP control
  • IGBT inverter with output isolation transformer
  • 100% unbalance load capability
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Generator compatible

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