PM890 IR Series Online double-conversion
with DSP control
PM890 IR Series Online double-conversion
with DSP control

IGBT rectifier UPS systems from ProstarM are enabled with a high input power factor (>0.99) and low THDi (≤ 3%) apart from having online double conversion technology and DSP control. Over the past decade, ProstarM has emerged as a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial UPS systems including IGBT rectifier UPS systems which have a strong mixed load capacity and high overload capacity.

Definition and working of IGBT

Insulted gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) are power semiconductor devises with 3 terminals. They operate as an electronic switch. In IGBT rectifier UPS systems, they maintain frequency output, and bringing high efficiency, quick switching and stable power supply. Multiple IGBT rectifiers can be used in a UPS, depending on the size of the IGBT rectifier UPS system. The larger the size of the IGBT rectifier UPS, the more IGBT devices it incorporates. When deployed in IGBT rectifier UPS system, the service life of the IGBT devices depends on the load supported by the IGBT rectifier UPS and the working environment of the UPS system.

UPS systems often use relays and thyristors, but the relays have a conversion time and the life of the electromechanical device creates an issue. With thyristors, the problem is that they are complicated to control and can generate circulating currents of up to 10ms. IGBT rectifier UPS systems eliminate these problems. UPS with IGBT are simple to control and much more efficient than thyristors. Similarly, PFC circuits also use IGBT as a power device. When IGBT is used in a PFC rectifier, it improves the efficiency of the system. IGBT rectifier is also used in high frequency online UPS as the power device of the invertor part. Another major advantage of IGBT rectifier UPS system is that IGBT device has a high voltage capability. It is easy to drive and has zero gate drive current. These features make IGBT rectifier UPS the perfect fit for high-voltage applications.

IGBT rectifier UPS in India

Over the last 12 years, ProstarM has emerged as a leading manufacturer of UPS systems in India. The company is focused on developing indigenous innovations suited for Indian weather conditions available at Indian price-points. Power solutions from ProstarM are being used in 15+ sectors including critical areas such as hospitals, railways, banking, manufacturing, and government institutions. In addition to quality products, ProstarM has a strong service network with engineers posted in every district of India, capable of servicing the UPS in any remote region within 24 hours.

ONLINE UPS with IGBT Rectifier

PM890 IR Series

UPS 80 ~ 500 kVA

  • Onlinetdouble-conversion with DSP control
  • Latest IGBT rectifier technology, high input power factor (> 0.99) and low THDi (≤ 3%)
  • Strong mixed load capacity and high overload capacity
  • Batteries are connected directly to the bus, improving the impact resistance of UPS output
  • Output isolation transformer using DZn0 winding makes strong capability with unbalanced loads

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