Off-Grid Solar Inverter Digital Signal Processors technology GET ENQUIRY 3 kW ~ 8 kW PF 1.0 Off-Grid Solar Inverter Adopt high-speed DSP control system,
combine advanced SPWM technology
GET ENQUIRY 200 kW ~ 3000 kW (PF 1.0)
Off-Grid Solar Inverter High-speed DSP digital control GET ENQUIRY 10 kVA ~ 120 kVA (3:3) PF 0.9

Off Grid Solar Inverter

Our core products remain Online UPS (1KVA to 800kVA), Batteries, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, Solar On Grid and Off Grid Inverters, Solar Panel. Over the past one year we have ventured into the arena of Solar and till date, have successfully Supplied, Installed, Tested & Commissioned (SITC) Solar PV On Grid / Off Grid Power Plants.

Off-Grid Solar Inverter

3 kW ~ 8 kW
PF 1.0

  • Independent MPPT control microprocessor system
  • Independent inverter control microprocessor system featured with high-speed online stabilization
  • Advanced SPWM technology, high-speed power MOS
  • MPPT control using PWM technology enable to bear the maximum PV open-circuit voltage
  • Operating mode selectable PV priority or utility power priority

Off-Grid Solar Inverter

200 kW ~ 3000 kW
PF 1.0

  • High reliability: adopt high-speed DSP control system, combine advanced SPWM technology and high-speed power MOS
  • Operating mode selectable: energy storage priority or power supply priority
  • No PID attenuation damage for solar panels to ensure their service life
  • AC input with effective online synchoronous stabilizing technology
  • Broad MPPT input voltage range

Off-Grid Solar Inverter

10 kVA ~ 120 kVA (3:3)
PF 0.9

  • High-speed DSP digital control
  • Full-bridge inverter control technology, providing secure power supply in the event of three phase 100% unbalanced loads
  • Multi-string PV connected
  • Inbuilt AC rectifier and MPPT control modules, configured battery parameters by operating interface, self-regulation for charging voltage and current
  • Hot-swap MPPT modules for easy maintenance and power expansion

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