PM660 High frequency online
double-conversion with DSP control
GET ENQUIRY 20 kVA ~ 160 kVA (PF 1.0)
PM660 Adopt high-speed DSP control system,
combine advanced SPWM technology
GET ENQUIRY 25 kVA ~ 125 kVA (PF 1.0)
PM660 Modular hot-swappable
and scalability
GET ENQUIRY 50 kVA ~ 800 kVA (PF 0.9)

Modular UPS

ProstarM is a leading modular UPS manufacturer in India. Modular UPS system is popular across many business sectors because it is flexible, easy to scale, and provides better redundancy than some other UPS models. Due to this design feature, data centres deploy a number of high-capacity modular UPS systems to achieve N+1 redundancy. Modular UPS solutions tend to be near autonomous systems. All of their critical components are distributed between individual units and there are no single points of failure present in these UPS systems.

Modular UPS solutions from ProstarM come with a wide range of input voltage and hot swappable operation for all modules. This feature cuts the repair time of the UPS system and reduces its maintenance costs. Hot Swappable design also means that the UPS solutions make power reconfiguration easy for businesses as their requirement change over time. Modular UPS system is easy to install, upgrade and reconfigure, saving considerable time and costs for businesses.

Factors to consider when choosing modular UPS systems


For the most efficient performance, modular UPS should be as close as possible to their rated capacity. A load with lower capacity will lead to a drop in the efficiency of modular UPS system. The liberty to scale the UPS solutions up or down as per need enables users to maintain the load close to rated capacity of the modular UPS system.

Working conditions

Modular UPS solutions are not designed to perform in harsh and rugged conditions. These UPS solutions lack transformers and are best used in clean work environments.


Modular UPS solutions tend to be quite flexible in terms of options for batteries. However, the work conditions factors sighted above should also be considered when choosing batteries for the UPS system. Modular UPS systems could utilize a number of enclosed battery modules that are comprised of smaller amp hour batteries, or the UPS system could allow larger batteries such as the lithium ion batteries which are also offered by ProstarM.

Modular UPS manufacturers in India

ProstarM has over a decade of experience and expertise in manufacturing and supplying UPS systems at scale to diverse business sectors in India ranging from banking and finance to railways, data centres, and hospitals. ProstarM has a proven track record of providing durable and reliable power solutions to critical sectors. We possess the experience and expertise to provide customized modular UPS systems as per the requirement of your business. Additionally, ProstarM has a strong service network able to service UPS systems in all districts around India within 24 hours.


20 kVA ~ 160 kVA
PF 1.0

  • High frequency online double-conversion with DSP control
  • Hot swappable operation for all modules
  • Inbuilt integrated PDU system, easy installation and economic initial investment
  • Wide input voltage range, 50Hz/60Hz audio sensing frequency
  • Input power factory >0.99, input THDi 3%, output THDV 5%


25 kVA ~ 125 kVA
PF 1.0

  • Power flexibility from 25 – 125 kVA
  • Utmost availiability
  • Modular hot-swappable
  • Scalability & redundancy
  • Outstanding performance


50 kVA ~ 800 kVA
PF 0.9

  • Power flexibility from 50 – 800 kVA
  • Modular hot-swappable and scalability
  • High MTBF and low MTTR
  • High efficiency
  • High adaptability

Dependable & Trustworthy


Save space in your facility by choosing ProstarM UPS and solar power power solutions that are compact in size but punch above their weight.


ProstarM UPS systems and renewable power solutions are completely user-friendly and safe to operate and maintain.


The best protection from all sorts of power quality problems with a UPS system or solar power solution tailored to suit the needs of your business.


Made in India for Indian conditions. ProstarM’s range of products are built to withstand the extreme temperatures, dust and moisture in Indian climate. Count of our products to perform under toughest of circumstances.


Smart product that help you conserve and optimize power with intelligent battery management system and quick detection of power problems.


Get certified products that meet critical national and international norms.

Why choose our products?


Receive the best technology at the right price with new products. Reduce maintenance costs with easily available spare parts and support within your budget.


Smart products that intelligently optimize and save power and have a long lifespan to serve under any condition.


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