PM600 Pure sine wave output GET ENQUIRY (500 VA ~ 3000 VA) PM600 Pure sine wave output GET ENQUIRY (500 VA ~ 3000 VA)

Line Interactive UPS

ProstarM is a leading manufacturer of line interactive UPS systems in India. We specialize in building line interactive UPS systems that are best suited for use in Indian climatic conditions and are delivered at price-points that meet the expectations of Indian businesses across diverse sectors and sizes. Apart from working to deliver a pure sine wave output, our UPS system comes with features such as stable eco-mode and no-load shutdown, humanized alarm systems, cold start, and the capability to auto-restart when mains power is restored. ProstarM supplies line interactive UPS systems between the capacity range of 500 VA ~ 3000 VA. Line interactive UPS systems are a mix of the online and offline UPS systems, and bring some unique advantages. They are best suited for applications that typically face voltage fluctuations. These systems incorporate an automatic voltage regulator or a tap-changing transformer. This allows line interactive UPS systems to provide power conditioning. They can step up or step down the incoming line voltage without shifting to battery power. Some line interactive UPS systems might draw power from the batteries to correct power fluctuations. In such cases, they might utilize the batteries more often than online UPS systems. Apart from providing power conditioning, line interactive UPS systems also act as reliable power backup units during power outages.

Line interactive UPS systems are deployed mostly in rackmount applications below 5000 VA. They also have power filtering capabilities. Thus, line interactive UPS systems are able to correct the most serious long-term voltage sags or spikes without draining the batteries. As the line interactive UPS system reduces the number of transfers to the battery, the service life of batteries too is extended. ProstarM line interactive UPS systems are highly efficient, at around 97% when there are no other problems with the power line.

In normal circumstances, power is supplied to the load from the main power supply of the system. In the line interactive UPS system, the inverter is constantly engaged in the output and thus always remains on. When the AC input is normal, the inverter operates in reverse, working to charge the batteries. When the power fails, it switches to drawing power from the batteries. In such as situation, the load is disconnected from the line by a static switch within the line interactive system, and the bidirectional converter supplies energy from the batteries.

Line interactive UPS systems in India

ProstarM is an emerging leaders in the manufacturing of UPS systems and solar power systems in India. The company has proven expertise in providing reliable and durable UPS systems to different sectors across the industry. We bring customized products and support service with focus on last mile reach across India. To avail of efficient, reliable uninterrupted power, write to us on or call us at (+91)-022-4985 6501-32

PM600 (500 VA ~ 3000 VA)

  • Pure sine wave output
  • DSP digital control
  • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stablization
  • Auto sensing frequency
  • Humanized alarm systems

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