Railways need power to operate engines, signals, and traffic management system of railways.


Airports UPS systems for Airports UPS systems at airport work to convert AC power to DC power. When everything is normal, they recharge their batteries. When power fails, they keep critical stations such a control tower running. UPS systems at airports also work to protect the electrical network from power surges. Typical power related issues

Manufacturing and Process

Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing of goods, especially products such as medicines or computer chips is critical for the society. In that light, factories that produce such goods must remain functioning throughout. Power outage in a factory will result in unscheduled downtime, missing sales targets, and adversely impact the bottom line of the business. If critical


Logistics/Warehouses UPS for Warehouses Warehouses are a crucial link in supply chain for a business. In recent times, digital warehouse management systems as well as many sensitive electronic machines have placed data management and processing at the center of successful warehouse operations. Along with data management systems, warehouses are also home to a number of

Security and safety systems

Security and safety systems UPS systems for CCTV cameras Various business establishments use CCTV cameras for security across establishments such as warehouses, offices, factories, and other areas. Security cameras must remain functioning 24X7 so that they can record crucial evidence in case of a crime. If the CCTV system fails when the main power is

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas UPS System for Oil and Gas Industry Application Oil and natural gas industry is a hub of sensitive operations. Industrial UPS systems are used in upstream, midstream, and downstream processing. During normal operations, the UPS systems work to offer power-conditioning and protection from surges and sags in voltage, and in case of

Corporate and Commercial Offices

Corporate and Commercial Office Facilities UPS Systems for Corporate and Commercial Offices Corporate and commercial offices are basically hubs of critical data. Records and other data is stored and processed here. In case this data is lost due to a power outage, these offices could face disaster. A reliable UPS system can help protect corporate

PSUs and Government

PSUs and Government Industrial UPS Systems for PSUs and Government Institutions Public sector enterprises and government institutions form a class of their own when it comes to UPS system requirements. Continuous availability of power is critical for these establishments. Power supply at a public sector enterprise can be affected by local power outages, or by


Defense UPS Systems for Defense Defense is a highly demanding field for both men and machines. Defense equipment cannot afford to fail in the middle of duty, especially in a combat scenario. UPS systems play a vital role in keeping command, control and communications equipment up and running in ships and in field vehicles. Some

Petrol Pumps

Petrol Pumps UPS systems for Petrol Pumps Petrol pumps need to remain in operation 24X7. If a power outage halts all functions at a pump, there is loss of fuel, time, and money for both customer,and the establishment. Additionally, a petrol pump draws considerable power, and is prone to spikes in current. Thus, petrol pumps

Schools and Educational Institutions

Schools and Educational Institutions UPS Systems for Schools and Educational Institutions Schools colleges and universities are increasingly integrating technology in their teaching methods. Important data such as attendance, results, lesson plans is also being stored on servers and computers in these institutions. In many schools teachers are now using smart boards. With increasing use of

Network Hubs and Mobile Towers

Network Hubs and Mobile Towers Networks UPS system for mobile towers Power backup is needed for telecom equipment and setup outdoor as well as indoor. Outdoor systems include mobile towers and indoor systems include mobile switching centers. Owing to factors like remote location of mobile towers, reliability and ability to be controlled remotely is valued


BFSI and ATMs UPS System for Banking in India Clean and uninterrupted power is critical for several aspects in banking. Brokerage operations and credit card operations are the biggest victims of power outages. There is a high frequency of trading where customers need their data to be safe. The bank could lose reputation along with

Small Offices, Shops and SMEs

Small Offices, Shops and SMEs UPS System for Small and Medium Businesses Security of data is one of the prime concerns for small and medium sized enterprises. SMEs need to protect their data, reliably. As digital transformation sweeps across the industry, small and medium businesses are also investing in digital infrastructure to improve their services,

Malls, Theaters and Retail

Malls, Theaters and Retail UPS Systems in Malls Malls are home to many outlets including those of electrical appliances as well as food and dairy products that need refrigeration. Additionally, there are escalators, elevators, and even ATM machines running within the mall. If a mall lacks adequate power backup system during a power failure, it

Healthcare and Hospitals

Healthcare and Hospitals UPS Systems for Hospitals Sophisticated medical equipment is engaged in hospitals to cure ailments and save the lives of patients. Machines such as cardiac cauterization systems , clinical analyzers and surgical OT room equipment are very sensitive to disruptions in power quality. Should this equipment fail due to power outage, diagnosis and

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