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As India transforms into a digital economy, it will need clean and reliable power more than ever.

Join us to become a part of that expanding opportunity!

At ProstarM, we are focused on developing advanced power electronics solutions for multiple applications and industries. . Working with us will offer you hands on experience with different aspects of electrical issues, their solutions, and changing trends of electrical use in Indian industry.

A career with us will give you an inside view on the evolution of India as a digital economy. Are you ready to serve its backbone?

Why work with us?

Open culture facilitating a free exchange of ideas is what sets ProstarM apart from others.Working with us will offer you a hands-on experience in solving power related issues across the length and breadth of India. Being a part of rapidly growing and competitive sector, ProstarM promises an opportunity for fast personal as well as professional career growth to a talented engineer. If you believe that your career needs to be charged-up with some exciting opportunities across the length and breadth of India, we have a place for you.

Troubled with electrical issues?

Share your problems and we will find a solution within 48 hours!

ProstarM UPS have been installed in all the 230 branches of Paschim Bangla Gramin Bank. There have been no issues with the UPS in past one-and-half year.

Mr. Puniya
General Manager, Paschim Banga Gramin Bank

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