Industrial UPS systems for telecom mobile towers

Telecom infrastructure, especially mobile towers are vital for maintaining communication. If a mobile tower fails, it will affect critical communication lines. Mobile towers need to remain continuously in operation under extreme conditions, and this calls for a durable industrial UPS system.

Trends in industrial UPS systems for mobile towers

Centralized UPS systems were popular in telecom sector earlier, but now buyers are shifting to compact, flexible and scalable UPS for telecom applications. New UPS options for mobile towers have inbuilt chargers, and are free from transformers and have external as well as internal batteries.

Apart from transmitters, mobile towers also have other electrical equipment such as generator, air conditioner and other accessories. An industrial UPS system deployed at a mobile tower must support components that are critical for tower to keep communication lines up. Hence, power saving aspect figures heavily in calculations in UPS for telecom applications. Remotely controlled rack-based UPS systems that can handle a wide voltage range are also becoming popular.


Reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness are the key points to consider when buying a UPS for telecom applications. ProstaM has proven expertise in delivering industrial UPS solutions for mobile towers. If you want know how to choose the right UPS system for a tower or need any support on the matter, reach out to us at or call us at (+91)-022-4985 6501-32

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