Points to consider when choosing an industrial UPS for petrol pumps

Petrol pumps need to be in operation 24X7. If a petrol pump faces a power outage in the middle of refueling operation, it means loss of precious fuel, time, and money for the customer as well as the owner of a petrol pump. In some cases during a power outage, the dispenser pump shuts down by the time diesel generator kicks into action. A reliable industrial UPS system is a must to keep the establishment running till the diesel generator swings into action.

Qualities of industrial UPS systems for petrol pumps

Size and cost of industrial UPS systems

Compactness, efficiency and durability are key to UPS systems on petrol pumps. From cost-effective viewpoint, hybrid industrial UPS systems that can be converted to operate as solar power inverters are becoming popular for use in petrol pumps.

Protection and capability of the industrial UPS system

An ideal industrial UPS system deployed on a petrol pump must typically give a pure sine wave output and tackle high power surges. A diesel pump draws considerable cranking power, especially at times when the velocity of the fuel is high. This means the UPS systems can face up to 400% power surges. Smooth takeover when power fails, and silent operation without creating additional vibrations to petrol pump structure are also hallmarks of industrial UPS systems deployed at petrol pumps.

Durability of the industrial UPS system

At key petrol stations, industrial UPS systems must work as smooth, automatic operations that are many times unmanned. They are expected to support sensitive electronic equipment under extreme weather conditions and heat. In that light, regular servicing and inspection of the UPS system is a must.

UPS system in the office

Petrol pumps also have administrative offices that handle large amounts of sensitive data. Losing data such as purchase and sale records, accounts etc could spell disaster for a petrol pump. Petrol pump offices can opt for smaller UPS syatems that will protect each individual computer or the whole office. UPS are important for small businesses as they can protect computers from power-surges and low voltages. A typical problem small businesses face is the loss of data during power outage. Choosing the right type of UPS can prevent these issues from arising. Additionally, customized and expandable UPS options could address many specific needs of businesses.


Cost-effective, compact, and silent industrial UPS systems are ideal fit for petrol pumps. Considering the challenging environment they operate in, these systems also need regular servicing and inspections. If you need more information or support in choosing the right UPS system for your establishment, reach out to us at: sales@prostarm.com or call us at (+91)-022-4985 6501-32

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