Industrial UPS systems at airports

An airport is a hub of 24X7 continuous activity. All its facilities must allways remain in operation. Thus, uninterrupted power is crucial for airports. When power fails, stations such as ATC tower, baggage handling and scanning, radars, early warning systems, surveillance etc must continue operating without a glitch. Thus, airports demand a specific industrial UPS systems design.

The need for industrial UPS systems at airports

Air ports use high amounts of power. Hence, issues such as short circuits, power overloads and transients occur often. In extreme cases such as natural disaster, airports witness a total power outage. Industrial UPS systems deployed at airports need to be efficient and reliable enough remain in operation under extreme conditions. Airport UPS systems convert AC power to DC and route it through an inverter into the load. The power rectifier system protects the load from power surges and sags.

How airport industrial UPS systems work

During normal circumstances, an airport’s industrial UPS systems charge batteries and supply DC power to the load. In case there is a power failure, the inverter draws power from the batteries till power supply is restored or minimum DC limit is reached to sustain critical airport operations. When power comes back on, the rectifier mechanism comes back on when the power is restored. this is done without disturbing the operations of the airport load.


Industrial UPS systems deployed at airports play a critical role in keeping key stations at an airport in operation during power problems. Given that these UPS systems must work in extreme conditions, durability and efficiency are the key factors to consider when choosing industrial UPS systems for airports. There are examples of a good UPS system working continuously for 20 years at an airport. If you need more information or support on industrial UPS system design for airport, write to us at or call us at (+91)-022-4985 6501-32

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