Maintaining industrial UPS systems in monsoons

Monsoon in India is a challenging season for the industry. Lightning can damage sensitive electronic equipment and also cause long power outages. In such cases, industrial UPS systems that protect electronic equipment from power surges and offer a reliable backup are a must. However, factors such as heat and moisture can affect batteries as well as other components of the UPS system during monsoon. Hence, attention needs to be provided to getting the UPS system ready for monsoon season. Based on our experience in the field, experts at ProstarM have listed a few tips to get your industrial UPS systems monsoon-ready.

How to get your industrial UPS system ready for monsoon

Inspect the industrial UPS system thoroughly

Inspect your industrial UPS systems thoroughly before the onset of monsoon. check if there is any leakage in the battery. Secondly, ensure that your industrial UPS systems are plugged into wall plugs and not into extension boards. Do not connect the UPS system to an extension board or a power strip. A power strip also protects from a power surge-the same as the UPS system. If a UPS system is further connected to power strip, it could compromise the UPS system’s ability to provide power conditioning during a surge. Lastlay, do not connect multiple UPS systems to a single extension chord.

Be mindful of the environment around industrial UPS system

Environment in which UPS systems are kept, influences their functioning to a considerable extent. Industrial UPS systems in dry and windy areas must be stored in a cool and dry place. Similarly UPS systems near the coast should also be stored carefully. Here, the fans meant for cooling the system draw in salty sea air. Elements of salt from the air then crystallize on printed circuit boards, limiting the efficiency of the UPS system. Moisture during monsoon can result in corrosion of internal components of the UPS system. UPS manufacturers generally specify the maximum heat and moisture tolerance of the UPS system. Make sure you learn of these specifics from the manufacturer. Seek expert advise on how to store the UPS system in the right environment

Pay attention to life-cycle of the industrial UPS system

Ideally, the life of industrial UPS systems is around 3-5 years. However experts at ProstarM recommend that they e replaced in 20 months. This is because when an online UPS system is used to support multiple high-power electronic devices and equipment, it can significantly reduce the life of the industrial UPS system. We recommend that you get the UPS system serviced and checked from service engineers every two years to determine whether it needs repairs or replacement.


Buying a good quality industrial UPS system doe make considerable difference for businesses. However, environmental factors, the pressure from supporting sensitive electronic equipment, and maintenance of batteries determines the life of a UPS system to a great extent. Prostar M has proven UPS design and manufacturing expertise as well as pan-India network of support and service engineers. If you need support or replacement for your industrial UPS systems, contact us at: or call us at (+91)-022-4985 6501-32

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