Advantages of using industrial UPS system

In the beginning, UPS systems were used only to provide power-backup for computers. However, over the years, industrial UPS system design has evolved to provide power backup to entire business establishments ranging from banks to data centers. A perfectly designed industrial UPS system does more than just provide power backup during a blackout.

Here are a few advantages of industrial UPS systems

Industrial UPS systems can prevent data loss

Data is the key to daily operations in all sorts of business establishments ranging from corporations to banks and small businesses. loss of data due to a power outage could have serious financial implications for businesses. It can also lead to bad service experience for the customers and loss of reputation for the business establishment. Deploying an industrial UPS system designed to suit the business’ power requirement can prevent this from happening. A reliable UPS system will ensure a safe shutdown for sensitive electronic equipment.

Industrial UPS systems protect from bad power quality

Many machines used in factories are sensitive to fluctuations in voltage. A dip or spike in voltage can lead to malfunction or failure of the machine. If critical machines fail in the middle of production, it can lead to significant wastage of raw material and huge monitory loss for a business. Industrial UPS systems are designed to offer power conditioning before it is supplied to electronic equipment. The UPS systems can protect from surges and dips in voltage and ensure quality power supply.

Industrial UPS systems are critical for emergency power supply

Industrial UPS systems play an important role in keeping critical equipment up and running in an emergency. In areas such as hospitals, a few seconds of power outage makes a life and death difference to patients undergoing critical treatments. In such cases industrial UPS systems work to provide backup power till alternative power supply can be started from a generator.


Considering the critical role industrial UPS systems play in sustaining power, it is important to choose a reliable UPS system and ensure that the system is maintained and serviced regularly. At Prostar M we bring proven and tested expertise in industrial UPS design and service. If you want to know about how to choose the right type of UPS for your requirements, and how you can customize the system further, get in touch with us at or call us at (+91)-022-4985 6501-32

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