Role of Industrial UPS systems in hospitals

Today, hospitals are increasingly using sophisticated electronic and other medical equipment to offer advanced treatment to patients. Many machines such as CT scanners, MRI machines, and ventilators need constant uninterrupted power supply. If there is no backup in case of a power outage, these machines could fail, endangering lives of patients undergoing critical treatments. Given these requirements, hospital UPS requirements demand a specific industrial UPS system design.

The role of hospital UPS systems

UPS system provides immediate emergency backup

A number of sensitive medical devices and machines are engaged in critical life care at a hospital. Many madical devices have their own battery backup of up to 90 minutes, but not all medical machinery has it. but It is important that these machines keep running till the generator is turned on for alternative power supply. This is where reliable industrial UPS systems provide immediate power backup till alternative power supply kicks in.

UPS systems protect sensitive equipment from power disturbances

Many electronic and electrical machines at the hospital are sensitive to surges or dips in voltage. Brownouts or power surges could damage expensive medical equipment. this could lead to serious danger to patients and huge monitory loss to hospitals. Industrial UPS systems work to provide power conditioning before power is supplied to devices, and protect critical equipment from brownouts and voltage spikes.

Hospital UPS systems provide reliable backup in tough times

The reasons for power failures at hospitals include local power outages, or serious natural disasters like storms or earthquakes. Hospitals are expected to at their most efficient functioning level during disasters. Hence, they need industrial UPS systems that can provide reliable power backup in extreme weather conditions. Studies suggest that a hospital UPS system should be able to take on 25% more load than what the hospital actually needs.


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