Four points to consider when choosing a good industrial UPS system

Choosing the right uninterruptible power supply system is crucial for businesses and services. Consider for instance a hospital which needs continued power supply. The absence of a backups system could endanger life of patients undergoing critical treatment. For a small business which supplies critical machine parts to other businesses, power outage could mean unscheduled downtime, halt of production, missing important deadlines, and perhaps loss of vital data.

Selecting the right UPS system involves considering requirements of business or service, the environment, and risk tolerance of the UPS system itself. In this article, we will discuss some of the points to be considered to choose the right industrial UPS system.

Types of problems the industrial UPS system needs to address

A good industrial UPS system should be capable of handling many power related problems other than just power outages. Examples of these issues include a sudden and short surge or drop in voltage, long drawn voltage drops known as brownouts, and harmonic distortions among others. Have a precise list of what electrical problems your facility faces and decide accordingly as to what type of UPS systems you need. UPS systems are of three types: Standby, line interactive and double conversion.

A measure of UPS capacity

Get an exact measure of what load you need the industrial UPS system to support. The load is a calculation of the total power used by all your devices combined. It is also a good idea to make a list of all your devices and the amount of power they consume. After calculating the load, consider the number of chords you need to connect to the UPS system. The UPS system should have enough capacity and adequate number of connections to support all out equipment.

Time and purpose of power backup

Be mindful of choosing an industrial UPS system design that suits your purpose perfectly. You could either need a power backup just to ensure that all your systems are shut down safely to avoid data loss, or you might need it to keep all systems running for as long as possible. Calculate how much runtime the UPS system can deliver. Runtime depends on how many watts of power the UPS needs to support. Minimum runtime is the time it takes you to safely shut down all equipment after a power-outage. You could start with building an estimate of minimum runtime for all your equipment and then broaden the runtime to arrive at your actual requirement.

Sine wave output capability

Make it a point to choose an industrial UPS system that has the capability to give sine wave output. While some UPS systems give proper sine wave output, others offer a simulated sine wave output. Using a UPS system that gives simulated sine wave output can shut down or damage sensitive electronic equipment with active PFC power supply. A UPS that gives sine wave output can prevent this from happening.

Where to find a good industrial UPS system

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